Whip Antenna N-Type and SMA Type

By signalbooster



Picture of Whip Antenna N-Type and SMA Type
The SB whip antenna is available with either an N-type (white) or SMA connection (black). The whip antenna is used for the indoor broadcast on all repeater models. The whip antenna has an omni-directional signal broadcast so it should be located in a central area for maximum results. The aerial when attached to the repeater should be mounted vertically.

NOTE - if you are ordering a replacement whip antenna for your repeater please use the information below to determine if you need the N-type or SMA model and you can put comments in the notes for your order online.

Repeater models compatible with N-type whip antenna

    SB Mini Dual Band
    SB Dual Band PRO
    ALL SB PowerMAXX Models

Repeater models compatible with SMA whip antenna

    SB Mini GSM 850
    SB Mini PCS 1900
    SB GSM 850 PRO
    SB PCS 1900 PRO