WCS Yagi Mounting Bracket

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Picture of WCS Yagi Mounting Bracket
  • WCS Yagi Mounting Bracket
  • WCS Yagi Mounting Bracket
WCS Yagi Mounting Bracket is ideal for installation of the WCS Yagi high gain directional antenna. The base of the mouning plate allows for easy installation without the use of a separate conduit or pole. 

The Yagi mounting bracket will allow you to connect your high gain antenna and adjust the direction within a full 360 degrees to maximize signal coverage from your repeater kit. If you have any questions about mounting your antenna or about our mobile coverage products please Contact Us.

By using the WCS Yagi High Gain directional antenna along with this specialized mounting bracket, you will be able to provide additional gain to the incoming signal and extend the coverage of your mobile repeater kit. The WCS Yagi should be located as high as possible to maximize signal input. Use the mounting bracket to mount your Yagi antenna in almost any location!

Technical Specifications: 

Dimentions - 8" x 3.5" x 4.25"

Tube Diameter - 1.5"

Weight - 1 Pound

Color - Light Grey