Crimp Tool (for -5 & Bigger)

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Picture of Crimp Tool (for -5 & Bigger)
The Wireless Coverage Solutions Coax Crimp Tool is used to to crimp WCS N-type male crimp connectors for LMR400 Cable that is used in commercial installations. 

The crimp tool is made from high quality steel alloy and combined with the cable prep/strip tool available on our accessoires page makes cable terminations quick and easy.

If a connector on your WCS cable has been damaged and if you need to have it replaced we suggest purchasing the WCS coax crimp and WCS Strip tools so that the connector can be fitted properly. NOTE that the N-type crimp connectors can not be fitted without this crimp tool. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Technical Specifications:
Color: Blue

Description Universal Crimp Tool with Die 58038 (RFA-4005-02)
Ratcheting No
Cable Type RG-8/U / RG-213/U / RG-214/U / LMR-400
Cable Size 3/8" / 1/4"
Replacement Blade Kit None
Hex Crimp Size .100 in / .128 in / .429 in
Overall Length 11 in