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  • Cable Prep Tool
  • Cable Prep Tool
  • Cable Prep Tool

The Coax Strip tool is used to strip and prepare cables for N-type male crimp connectors that are supplied with all pre-terminated WCS cables LESS than 50 feet in length. This tool in conjunction with the Coax Crimp Tool can be used to effectively terminate the ends on WCS cable supplied with kits that are less thank 50 feet long.

This tool is used to strip back the rubber coating and insulor of the coax cable supplied by mobile repeater kits. This tool will help save time and ensure proper terminations are made on the cable ends. If you are terminating your own cable we highly advise purchasing this tool along with the Coax Crimp tool.

Technical Specifications
Color: Yellow
Size: 45x130x20mm / 68gram
Package: 120x185x21mm / 94gram
Material: Stainless steel blade
Feature: Strength and diameter 1mm to 10mm adjustable
Application: Use on coaxial cable RG59, RG6, RG7, RG11