Coax Cable (3ft)

By signalbooster



Picture of Coax Cable (3ft)
This cable (3ft) can be used to either extend the length of the coax cable from the external antenna to the base unit repeater or used in conjunction with a signal splitter to connect to multiple indoor coverage antennas. This cable is pre-fabricated with N-Male coax connectors at both ends.

    Low-loss (approx 6dB per 90ft)
    For all Wireless Coverage Solution products
    For outdoor or indoor antennas

You can use the WCS Coax for extending the cable from the outdoor antenna for your Wireless Coverage Solutions kit or for use with a signal splitter to attach multiple indoor coverage antennas. Our low loss cable lengths come pre-fabricated with connectors at both ends and is an ideal way to customize your repeater kit to suit your needs. This product is ideal if the standard cable length that comes with your repeater is too short or you would like to upgrade your repeater by using more than one coverage antenna.

Technical Specifications:

Part Number:      WCS400

Impedance:        50 ohms

Frequency:         up to 10GHz

Loss:                  approx 6dB/90ft