How It Works


Quick Start Installation Instructions
1. Install external antenna
2. Install amplifier on inside wall. 
3. Attach the supplied indoor antenna
4. Run cable from external antenna to amplifier
5. Power up amplifier.
6. Rotate outside antenna until best possible signal is achieved indoors.  More information on how it works.




“We had moved into our new home in Colorado and never really noticed before we moved in that our cellular signal was awful. My wife and I both spend a lot of time at our home and I work a lot here too. After calling Wireless Coverage Solutions, Shane helped get the ideal kit that I would need. I didn't think it would be this easy to do but I set it up and was amazed by the results. I am forever thankful that I had called you and received the help I needed. I can now get the business calls I had been missing and don't have to pay for a land line anymore.”

Kyle Winters - November 2014

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