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Let Wireless Coverage Solutions build a custom solution just for you.


Wireless Coverage Solutions is part of the Wireless Coverage Group Inc, with partners like Signal Boosters, Mobile Repeater and Mobile Signal we cover 6 continents and over 15 countries and have been providing cellular enhancement services for over 10 years.


Larger commercial solutions often need multiple indoor antennas, larger repeater systems and a list of other equipment in order to allocate the signal throughout the building. Our team of engineers can design a custom solution for you with the option of certified installation as well. Take a look at the services we provide below. If you would like to see more information on our commercial equipment and installation services please visit our Industrial website here:

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Wherever cellular coverage is needed, Wireless Coverage Solutions can provide a solution! Choosing Wireless Coverage Solutions is a simple option due to our commitment to our customers and the following Services:

  • Manufacturing and development of all products
  • Initial customer response from our US-based offices
  • Response to all inquiries within 24 hours
  • Free quotes done via telephone or email
  • Site surveys carried out by our engineering team (if necessary)
  • Providing complete proposal with cost included for equipment and installation
  • Installation and calibration of equipment by team of engineers
  • Performing maintenance of equipment as needed
  • Making an Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty available


What separates Wireless Coverage Solutions from the rest:

Because we also manufacture our own equipment we are able to cut out the resellers and offer the lowest price guaranteed. Don’t let our low prices sway you into thinking our product is in any way inferior. We have the highest quality equipment and a superior installation team. This can be seen with the small sample of our Blue Chip customers that have used and enjoyed our products, prices and services.

We provide Turn-Key solutions for large buildings. Our team of design engineers will create a unique and affordable solution with the flexibility of multiple technologies and carrier networks. Our designers begin by working with a floor plan and basic information provided by the customer. We can then create a preliminary design for you and provide you with a drawing of the layout. The system will be custom-tailored to suit your needs. After the design of the system is complete, we then produce a full and complete Bill of Material (BOM), and then once approved and an order is issued, we assemble all of the parts required direct from our extensive inventory. We will supply all cabling, repeater/amplifiers, power dividers, connectors, antennas, and lightning protection all in accordance with the design. We ship the complete package ready for installation including the drawings for assembly and instructions. Alternatively, you can contract one of our install teams to come on site and install and oversee system commissioning.

For more information regarding custom solutions for residential, commercial, and other large applications, please visit our corporate site or contact us below!

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“My company is inside of a four story office outside of the DC area in Virginia. We had great signal outside but as soon as you walked into the building, your calls would drop. This was a problem because our employees rely on their phones for business. I heard about the products that improve cell-phone signal so I decided to call this company. They were very helpful and gave us a quote for the equipment and installation. They are a very professional company with a lot of knowledge on this kind of technology. They have great references too so we decided to buy their equipment and use the installation services and now everyone in the building is very happy. I would recommend this company to anyone in need of signal. Cory and Michael were top notch and very knowledgable and no harder workers have ever come into our facility.”

Jason T - August 2014

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