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Post-Holiday Relief -


Tech gifts have become the go to gift for the holidays in recent past and a large part of these gifts are new cell phones. Getting a new phone and possibly a new service plan is always exciting. Checking out all the new features and ease of usability that the providers have been working on all year as they turn out the new models just in time for the shopping season is easily one of the most exhilarating time to look forward to. Unfortunately as the phones get better, faster, and more intriguing, they start to lack basic functionality as the antenna size and strength get put on the back burner. Lets face phones today just don't have the same antenna strength as they once did.


Let us here at Wireless Coverage Solutions give you the gift of reception in your home or office so you are able to enjoy thanking those over a conversation or text about the new phone they got for you!!


-Free High Gain Yagi with any purchase of a Dual Band/Tri-Band/PentaMaxx repeater system. A $85.00 value. Use Promo Code "FreeYagi" when checking out.

-Free Ground Shipping on any orders over $500.00. Use Promo Code "FreeShip" during the checkout process.  



“My company is inside of a four story office outside of the DC area in Virginia. We had great signal outside but as soon as you walked into the building, your calls would drop. This was a problem because our employees rely on their phones for business. I heard about the products that improve cell-phone signal so I decided to call this company. They were very helpful and gave us a quote for the equipment and installation. They are a very professional company with a lot of knowledge on this kind of technology. They have great references too so we decided to buy their equipment and use the installation services and now everyone in the building is very happy. I would recommend this company to anyone in need of signal. Cory and Michael were top notch and very knowledgable and no harder workers have ever come into our facility.”

Jason T - August 2014

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