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What space are you trying to cover, a home or small office? Boat? Car? Large Building?

Select a Coverage Area, your solution will always depend on the area you're working with:

Up to 3000ft²

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Up to 10,000ft²

Up to 25,000ft²

Up to 35,000ft²

More than 35,000ft²


“We had moved into our new home in Colorado and never really noticed before we moved in that our cellular signal was awful. My wife and I both spend a lot of time at our home and I work a lot here too. After calling Wireless Coverage Solutions, Shane helped get the ideal kit that I would need. I didn't think it would be this easy to do but I set it up and was amazed by the results. I am forever thankful that I had called you and received the help I needed. I can now get the business calls I had been missing and don't have to pay for a land line anymore.”

Kyle Winters - November 2014

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