Femtocells/Microcells and Network Extenders Vs. Cellular Signal Repeaters

Posted on Apr 16, 2015

Many people might not know what the difference is between some of the signal boosting products out there.  Although some may seem less expensive and make promises of the coverage you may get, you might want to explore your options before getting a product you may end up regretting.
Verizon Wireless and AT&T, as well as other Network providers, have made products to try and keep their customers happy when they need signal in areas where their signal does not reach.  By offering products such as Femtocells and Microcells or Network Extenders, they hope to give you signal and in turn, take even more money from your pockets on top of the already hefty bill you receive each month.  Although in some cases, this may be the only option for receiving somewhat of a workable signal, it is not the only option and definitely not the best when you have some existing signal around the building you are trying to get signal in. I will list the pros and cons to using one of these products and then compare them to a Cellular Repeater.
You will need internet access for these products and we all know the internet is not always secure. With people hacking into servers these days to get valuable information, they can also get all the information from the activity of your phone when using one of these products. We share a lot of information with each other over a cell phone and I sure would not like to share some of it with these hackers that could share what they stole with the whole world with only a touch of a screen.  Here is an article on this subject:
There is a very small limit to who can use the signal and you have to log in to use it.  While this could make one person less angry when sitting at their desk, the people around that person who still can't get that phone call won't benefit from it. Why not get a product where you can share the love and give others the benefit of calls and texts?
The Network Extenders and Femtocells/Microcells are network specific, meaning you will only benefit signal from that one network.  If you are trying to get signal for people on other networks, you won't be able to.  It might cost a pretty penny to switch networks while you are still in a contract and you may already dislike the other networks.  If you are happy with your network, why not get a booster that would benefit everyone?
When your internet goes out, your signal will also go out... enough said there.
The range on these products are very limited.  If you are on that phone call and want to leave the area in which you started it,  you may want to consider just staying there.  Why not get a product where you can walk away from that spot you've been sitting at keep talking?
Now these boosters that require internet and have so many limitations may sound like a waste of time, they may be your only option. If you have absolutely no signal in or around the area you want signal, you may want to consider getting internet and exploring this option. Repeater do require existing signal to work with.  
Take the time and find out what may benefit you more.  Find that signal and take note of it.  It may be outside on your balcony, near the window on the east side of the house,  on the rooftop of the building or anywhere else outside.  If you know where the network tower is in the area, you may already know where the best signal will be.